The Role of a Product Manager in Marketing

Published on by Samuel Chapman

My sympathies to an product manager who has been stuck with liability for a item whose the clearly come and gone: the lowly pen. I mean, here we are residing in the age of mobile phones and pills, who needs a pen and for that issue, could anyone discover a pen knife sharpener even if they might discover a pencil? I can know that considering, but keep on a few months. You'd be incorrect.

OK, let's experience it - we are all customers of pencils. I've got them all over the position and I suspicious that you do also. The appearance of internet sources, PCs, and other power records indicates that we are not doing as much composing with pen and document as we used to. What this has intended for the item supervisors who are in cost of pencils is that they've had to look at their items to live.

One of the brilliant factors that they've come up with is to create the pencils that they are developing useful in our progressively all digital globe. One of the easiest factors that they are doing is to add performance to their item to allow us to use it differently. The item supervisors at Germany's Faber-Castell have gone forward and included a rubberized tip to one of the pencils that they offer. This allows the pen to be used as a stylus pen with a product or smart phone. Now that's something to add to your product manager resume!

The product manager item advancement does not quit here. Over at Germany's Staedtier they have presented a item that is developed to allow it's customers to straddle the split between the analogue and the digital globe. This pen allows the customer to use it as a regular pencil; however, as you create, it transforms everything that you create into an digital pc file which can be shown on a pc.

The Upcoming Looks Bright

It would be organic for us to believe that the industry for conventional (number 2 if you must) pencils must be reducing. Actually, if you had requested me I would have informed you that I believed there could only be a few decades remaining before pencils as we know them would be going away. It changes out that that is not the situation by a lengthy taken.

Right now the international industry for both pencils and pencils is increasing. Actually, it is predicted that over the next 5 decades the industry is predicted to keep flourish. The industry for pencils is predicted to develop by 4% this season and achieve a complete dimension US$2.7B.

So where is this development arriving from? It changes out that in the growing financial systems such as Japan and Latina The united states there are a lot of individuals who are shifting into the new middle-class. These individuals are only now beginning to be present at university and become better knowledgeable. As you can well think about, this implies that they are going to need more and more pencils.

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